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Home and Industrial Cleaning

With our company you will always get a new look you desire in your office and entire surroundings you have. We provide daily, weekly and monthly cleaning services to meet all your needs. We are also ready to move to client's newly completed or renovated buildings to carry out intensive cleaning of floors, window frames and glasses, toilet, electrical fittings and surroundings. Pressure cleaning and special draining cleaning services are available as well as janitorial services


We clean your floors, rugs and carpets to ensure a healthy environment. We sweep, mop, wash and scrub or polish hard floors daily. These include tiles, paved floors, painted floors, ceramic tiles, quarry floor tiles, granite and marble tiles, stairs and others. All sorts of rugs and carpets will be vacuum cleaned daily and washed or shampooed quarterly. 

Doors, windows and skirtings are damp wiped, spot cleaned, washed and polished daily. 

For furnitures, fixtures and fittings we offer damp-dusting, wiping and washing daily. We also empty your ash trays and waste bins.

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